Piper had lived in the same house in Atlanta, with the same neighbors, and the same routine, most of her life. Seventh grade started the same as every year before it, but everything changed when her dad received a phone call about a tragedy that lead Piper’s three cousins (and their dog) to live with her.

Now Piper wonders where her sixteen-year-old cousin, Seth, goes when he gets angry, how to handle the rapid mood swings of six-year-old Sam, and what to say to fifteen-year-old Cora when she cries. Things get even more complicated when Uncle Carlos shows up out of nowhere and needs a place to stay, and her cute neighbor, Knox, drops by more than usual. Even her parents and her best friend, Lois, seemed to have changed overnight. Then another tragedy strikes the family and just when things seem like they can’t get more chaotic, her mother makes an announcement that surprises them all.

The Hopper-Hill Family is a young adult (middle grade) novel.  It covers themes about life, death, siblings, faith, and family.  The recommended reading level is 5th-8th grade.  Yet, it will appeal to readers of all ages who enjoy character driven realistic fiction.  



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